Help us enlarge the Friends of the Game of Knights-Challenge. Anywhere  you live, if you are a  small circle of friends appreciating  this game, then you can proceed as they do in Charente , in Angoulême, Confolens, Terres de Haute-Charente, etc. :  Do create your own group of players  and inform us about it so we can let others know to join and help you growing  round your area. We will deliver your news on our websites. 


Saint-Laurent de Céris, a small village in Charente, was the venue of the trial of the game between the two communities:  French and British residents of the neighbourhood. The tournament was a good mix of new players – some complete beginners on the day and more experienced players. 
This was the first leg and was organised by both our Association and the Oasis Nouv’l  Association, a charity  the aim of which is to help women in difficulties. The event took place at their shop and was won by the French team of 8 players, in perfect equality with the British side.
A few  weeks later, on 28 July, at the request from the British players,  a new  session was arranged at the pleasant  Arthé Café in Confolens and some players from the previous British team were again  engrossed  in the game after  having trained  seriously  at the Saint Germain for some weeks before!
But unfortunately, being in the middle of the summer, there were not enough French players to match the number and allow for a revenge, so in the end guests played among themselves and enjoyed having a nice cup of tea with cakes as a consolation. However, the passion has not diminished and a return game will definitely happen, as the British team are now practicing regularly and are determined to win the next tournament! We will keep you informed on this site.
The venue may be Chabanais in the autumn, arrangements are being discussed at the moment. As local interest in the game continues to grow, it is expected that more players from both sides will take part to the challenge.  
Don’t forget that you can order the game on the Internet in order to practice, thus becoming a real expert ( Paypal  pay system on the site)!