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About us.




Christian Bernadou author of Knights Challenge

Bio :

Christian Bernadou  comes  from Provence but lived and worked in London, then Lille and Cergy-Pontoise where he managed  a board game company for three years  until retiring in Charente (Nouvelle  Aquitaine). Volunteer at a local community centre, he managed a  tournament « Chevaliers de Charente »  for the 4th year in a row.
Christian is passionate about boargames  and has designed  more than 50of  which 3 have been published  and Knights-Challenge is the one  which is has proved the most successful. So it is your turn to play and join the community of players.


Interview with the game's creator, Christian Bernadou.

Published in  a Canadian  university magazine (Ontario)  See page 5

Peacock #21 - March 8.pdf




Knights-Challenge  was  born through  a long thinking process and development  and was played many times in many places before it was finally published in  November 2018 for the Lucca Comics & Games festival in Italy.  Friends of the Game of Knights-Challenge association was also created in the same year to encourage challenges between fans. 



Number one  project :

- Wish to develop an inter-schools challenge with this game, with the support of city councillors, community centre leaders and school headmasters after having found medieval castles willing to host the event. (Any region).

Number two Project :

- Plan to organize a European inter-universities challenge with this game in a famous medieval castle - horizon 2025. If you are a university or city official, an entertainment or festive organizer, a castle responsible or a potential sponsor, please get in touch with « Les Amis du Jeu de Knights 17 » in Charente ; we shall then discuss our partnership leading to a successful event built together in either France or the UK. Both countries have plenty of medieval castles and legions of students like playing, universities having their own boardgames societies ! It is no doubt a feasible project. Do join us  !
If interested by one or the other of these projects, contact us on the following address as
below :

Amis du Jeu de Knights 17
The President
16 route du pont de la Sonnette
F- 16450 Saint-Laurent de Céris